My email to USA Today’s Liz Szabo re: the Nov. 15, 2013 “story” on Burzynski

When Liz Szabo contacted me from USA Today a few weeks ago, wanting “help” with their story on Burzynski – it was clear that they were creating a smear piece to mislead the public. I refused to participate based on their demeanor, I’ve been down this road with Dateline, Nightline (who has still yet to broadcast their piece), the BBC and others. I am glad I refused, and didn’t waste my precious time. Below is my email to her after reading her article in today’s USA TODAY. Liz claims to have watched both my of documentaries on Burzynski by the way :) but there is no evidence of that in her “article”.

Hi Liz, 

Nice article. I see you conveniently left out everything that would counter your story. Hardly a “balanced” article. But, I understand you wouldn’t have a job there at the USA Today if you had been balanced and told the whole truth. 

I will say, you do have a good talent for writing a slanted story. It must have been super hard ignoring all the other facts, like the NCI admitting that it works, the fact that 27 years of independent studies concluding in randomized trials in Japan were done, etc.

My favorite though, is the patients “believe” they were cured. It doesn’t matter that ANP was the only treatment some got, and the MRIs and local doctors confirm they were cured – oh no, it’s the patient’s “belief”. Cancer isn’t cured based on “faith” and “belief”, it’s cured by medications, and sometimes those medications are Antineoplastons. But, you already knew that :)

David Axelrod, Obama’s former chief of staff, said in 2009 after seeing a rough cut of my first film, “this is just too big, maybe in 10 years we can face this reality, but right now—especially now with Wall Street failing, we can’t put this medicine on the market, not yet… it’s just too big”. 

He wasn’t kidding.

Burzynski has found a life-saving cure for many cancers. You have just aided in helping to destroy that. I feel for you if your children get diagnosed with a pediatric brain tumor. You can look them in the eye and tell them “I’m sorry, I helped destroy the only thing that could have helped you.”

This process of covering this story as an independent journalist, without the pressure of “propagating what the status quo asks of me”, has been highly educational in studying the human condition. We follow the herd, and blindly parrot what others think, vs. actually thinking for ourselves. You Liz are a shining example of that – a true soldier for the status quo.

“Taking one simple glance at history—using simple common sense—we will find that everything of scientific innovation has come from the fringe, and directly threatened the status quo at the start. From The Wright Brothers to Steve Jobs – they were all once considered “fringe mavericks” until their efforts merged into the mainstream and became a participant in the “status quo”. The status quo is there to create its own legion of followers, while only those who dare to step out of it and take a risk with something that could change it—those are the only people in human history that have ever contributed to changing it. These innovators didn’t listen to anyone except their own hearts and minds—while ignoring all the noise around them.” – Eric Merola, 2013

All my best,
Eric Merola

Read my overall response to this stunning piece of propaganda HERE.




7 thoughts on “My email to USA Today’s Liz Szabo re: the Nov. 15, 2013 “story” on Burzynski

  1. Thank you for all you do Eric, to spread the word about DR. Burzynski. I wonder if the cure could be manufactured here but distributed in other country? Perhaps “Mazowsze” in Poland. Beautiful, perfect place for sick people to get well.

  2. Eric,
    Nice rebuttal to the USA today the shallowest paper good for one thing getting sports scores. You hit the nail right on the head in your analysis of the idealistic view of America as a capitalist free market haven where individual rights are cherished and honored vs. the current reality of federal agents raiding medical clinics for practicing integrative medicine, and sending swat teams after mothers for refusing to give risperdal to their children with autism. Johnson and Johnson of course just paid out billions of dollars to the Feds for marketing risperdal for off label use in a lawsuit settlement. Mary Ann Godboldo ultimately triumphed in her case which is at least a good sign that Americans will only take so much bologna.

  3. LIZ—-I lost 5 close family members—all to the FDA protocol–Chemo-Radiation-Surgery—That’s-100%–failure!—Now my younger sister is under treatment–Doesn’t look good—-Who do I cry to! I have no more tears to shed! Why don’t explore such dismal failure!
    Peter Acca
    Delray Beach,Fl.

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