Two mandatory thing are required to enter Ukraine during COVID: 

1. Proof if negative COVID test using PCR testing method. 

2. Ukraine Health Insurance.

Recommended COVID testing: Schedule a PCR COVID test where your negative results document will be dated within 48 hours of your arrival into Ukraine.

The mandatory Ukraine Health Insurance needs to be purchased before your original departure and before entry into Ukraine. Cost is only a few dollars per day. To get this health insurance policy visit:

Option #2 for entering Ukraine with negative PCR test: Getting tested at the airport upon arrival. If you choose this option you must schedule your PCR test at the airport before you depart your home country for entrance into Ukraine. 

*Note: Even if you are entering Ukraine with a valid negative PCR COVID test from your home country, it is a good idea to download this VDOMA app before your departure anyway — as a back-up.  

Step 1: Using your iPhone or Android phone visit:

Step 2: Find the link to the “VDOMA” mobile app and download it to your phone.

The VDOMA App is to allow Ukraine’s border Control to use your phone as a GPS to make sure you stay in your hotel room while you wait 12-24 hours for your test results after being tested at the airport upon your arrival. 

Step 3: You must register for your at airport PCR COVID test before your departure. There are two airports to fly into, it is recommended to fly into the KBP airport. 

KBP registration visit:

IEV registration visit:

Important details to know: 
1. It will take up to 24 hours to receive the results of your PCR test performed at the airport. You must remain “self-isolated” in your hotel room while waiting for results. Your phone is how you will be tracked to make sure you are abiding.
2. If the COVID-19 PCR result is negative, your self-isolation period will be cancelled within 24 hours, you must wait for cancellation.
3. If you carry your phone with your DIY VDOMA app active before cancellation of self-isolation, you will pay a fine upon departure.


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